Party Themes


Clown Party

Suitable 1-8 yrs

Let Lolo an Lili Clowns come and clown around with the children! Clowns makes a funniest and silliest party with juggling, plate spinning, limbo dancing, parachute games, dancing competitions and much much more. Every kid gets a prize and a balloon model to take home with them too. Clown Party offering non stop fun!


Native American Indian Party

Suitable 4-10 yrs

Let indian chief Chingachuc and his friend Oceola come and play around with children. They can watch the magical and mysterious indian dance show. Get to play  the native indian drums and learn the indian dance. All kids take a part on the different competitions such as archery and much more… Every kid gets a prize.


Pirate Party

Suitable 4-10yrs

Our pirate party will give your little pirate amazing time of fun and games, playing all kinds of pirate games, such as Captain’s coming, Pin the sword on the pirate, Treasure hunt and many more. Everyone gets trophies and gifts.


Magician Party

Suitable 3-9 yrs

We will send one of our very own magical teachers to your party, and together the boys and girls will play lots of magical party games. They will learn secret passwords and how to do tricks. We will also play some of the classical games and lots more! Everyone gets a magician’s certificate and a gift.


Fairy Party

Suitable 1-8 yrs.

After flying all the way to your party using her magic fairy dust our fairy will give your children a magical party filled with fun and games. Our fairy loves to dance, play lots of games such as musical statues and knows how to make a party full of fairy fun.

Dance Party

Suitable 5-12 yrs

Our professional entertainer will spend one hour with the children teaching them dance routine, which they will be able to perform for the parents. And for the time that’s left it will be fun and games like Musical Statues and dance competitions.